Mac 19 font combinations: text and header

As an entrepreneur and business start-up we all begin somewhere.

I am on my second book (and a a third and fourth in the wings) and am in the editing stages now and I am starting to consider how my book will look to others, and in this case, how my fonts will look in the book’s interior. A readability issue: How does my text look to the reader?

How essential are fonts to your readers? Very. Read this article A Comparison of Popular Online Fonts: Which is Best and When? to see how crucial your fonts are to your readers. With most graphic artists there are always the titled blog post called “Great pairs” referring to pairs of fonts that go well together, like FontShop’s blog.

I found a quick link to a quick article that as a novice to fonts it broke fonts down so even I can choose between a few choices. The article 19 top fonts in 19 top combinations (and 19 top fonts from graphic artists around the web) is a first start for those that need to buy a clue from their local graphic artist. But better yet, I’m a better informed customer to a future graphic artist now.

Here’s his list with headline first and text being second and I have indicated in bold which ones are default loaded on the Mac OS:

  1. Helvetica / Garamond
  2. Caslon (Big Caslon) / Univers
  3. Frutiger / Minion
  4. Futura / Bodoni
  5. Garamond / Futura
  6. Gill Sans / Caslon
  7. Minion / Gill Sans
  8. Univers / Caslon
  9. Bodoni / Futura
  10. Myriad / Minion
  11. Avenir / Warnock
  12. Caslon / Franklin Gothic (Franklin Gothic Book)
  13. FF Din / Baskerville
  14. Trade Gothic / Clarendon
  15. Baskerville / Univers
  16. Akzidenz Grotesk / Garamond
  17. Clarendon / Trade Gothic
  18. Franklin Gothic / Baskerville
  19. Warnock / Univers

As I was going over my first book I actually chose #1 above without realizing it, but I see what the author means now. In my second book I stayed with Garamond for text and switched to Gill Sans for headers.

But the one thing that would be helpful is if Doug actually took his comment “I could have picked Baskerville, Caslon, Garamond, or Minion, etc. (all serif typefaces) to go with Futura (a sans serif typeface)” and for us newbies he could have expanded upon this some more. Note to Doug, we just don’t have the “eye” for this stuff! If you do add to this, I’ll put your name in my upcoming book as helping me out. :-)

Mac OS Mavericks shows around 320+ fonts installed (I have purchased just a few for my own use, but have stuck with what is default).

Anyone with any different ideas or comments?

Update: Here are some sites to find fonts:

Update 1: Here is another source of font combinations, if you like a certain pair.

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All of us need a purpose, a path, to which we need to focus our time and energy on, and when we don’t have it, we feel lost. Last fall I met with a few individuals and they all said that I and a “deer in the headlights” look about me. I sort had an idea of what to do, but had lost my direction. That is, until.

Until I met someone that because of our similar backgrounds we were able to see some issues that needed to be addressed.

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While he was giving good advice, I did not take a small portion of what to change because of previous training I had had, i.e. he did not give me a good enough reason to change. However, I did listen and learn from him what he taught.

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